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On a Budget?

“Upgrading Your Computer on a Budget”

Replacing slow, obsolete parts in your computer can sometimes be a lot cheaper than buying a new one, and extend the life of your current PC for many more years. Many times, just a few small upgrades and make a world of difference in your computer’s speed and overall performance.

You can achieve the most performance boost by upgrading your computer RAM, video card and/or hard drive. Before you decide whether an upgrade is the right choice for your computer, you’ll want to find out what hardware or software your computer currently has. Give us a call for a free consultation and we’ll be happy to go over the list with you and explain which upgrade options would provide the biggest “bang for your buck.”

Here is a quick overview of the main upgrade options to consider:

1.Upgrading your RAM
RAM is often the cheapest and most significant upgrade you can give your computer. If your computer is older, it may only have 1GB of RAM currently installed. This is currently allow your computer to operate at only a fraction of it’s overall capability. Upgrading to up to 4GB of RAM will increase speeds tremendously.

2.Upgrading your Video Card
If you, or members of your family, enjoy playing PC games, you will want to consider upgrading your computer’s video card. It’s quite possible that your current computer only has onboard video graphics, which is placing a great deal of processing burden on your motherboard. Upgrading to an advanced video card (which is separate from the motherboard) will improve the speed of your computer.

3.Upgrading Your Hard Drive
If your current hard drive has low storage space left, you should upgrade to a larger drive. Having more space will make your hard drive run cooler and work less. If you’re low on space, your hard drive will bog your computer speeds down as it struggles to manage and move around your data.

4.Upgrading Your Power Supply
Most power supplies that ship with name brand computers are cheap, generic and ineffective at keeping your computer running cool. Upgrading to a modular power supply will more effectively pull hot air out of the computer case. The cooler your PC, the faster it will run.

5.Upgrading Your Operating System
If you’re running Windows XP or Vista, it’s time to consider upgrading to Windows 7. Windows 7 is easier on your system, more secure, more robust, and faster than all of it’s predecessors.

6.Upgrading Your Computer Monitor
If you have an older computer monitor, you should consider upgrading to a large 20″ HD monitor. Your experience with your computer and the Internet will change dramatically and you’ll find it more enjoyable.

With our fragile economy, sometimes upgrading your computer is the best option for extending the life of your PC and improving overall performance. If you’re considering any possible upgrades, we are happy to discuss your options further to help you make an intelligent decision that will reap you benefits for years to come.